Flow Cytometry

Since 2001 the UPHSM flow cytometry laboratory has processed thousands of patient samples using cutting-edge instrumentation and state-of-the-art analysis software. Testing is performed by an experienced and competent staff dedicated to providing the best analysis possible.

The flow laboratory routinely accepts the following samples for processing: bone marrow aspirates, peripheral blood samples, lymph node tissue, and cerebral spinal fluid. We also are experienced in processing more esoteric tissue and body fluid sources. The majority of flow cytometry cases are reported out within 24 hours of receipt. All interpretations include correlation with morphologic hematopathology findings when available.


Analysis by flow cytometry involves selection of the appropriate panel of antibodies directed against antigens of lymphoid and/or myeloid cell lineages. An on-site hematopathologist selects the necessary panel(s) according to criteria based on clinical information, specimen source, morphologic review, and any other instructions conveyed by the referring physician/client. Accordingly, each case is approached with a specifically-tailored strategy designed to accommodate diagnostic needs with minimal cost.

This process is applicable for all cases of acute lymphoblastic or myelogenous leukemias, chronic lymphoproliferative disorders and malignant lymphomas. For Leukemia / Lymphoma Immunophenotyping there is no ordering code, simply submit the sample(s) and relevant paperwork according to the directions listed below. For evaluation of acquired or inherited immunodeficiencies, the T- and -B Cell Quantitation by Flow Cytometry (TBSM) should be ordered ( see Test Directory for more detail ).

For more information on our service or if you have further questions please contact Polly Hockberger at 906-449-3220