Transfusion Services


The Transfusion Service section of the UPHSM Laboratory performs a number of different functions.

Some of the tests performed in Transfusion Service include ABO/RH, antibody screening and identification, direct coombs testing, and antibody titers. We also perform compatibility testing, and the preparation of blood products for patients requiring transfusions. Our Transfusion Service also serves as a reference laboratory for 12 other hospitals in the Upper Peninsula, providing compatible blood products for their patients.

The testing, labeling, and distribution of all units of blood drawn at the U.P. Regional Blood Center is performed in Transfusion Service. We currently provide blood products for 12 other Upper Peninsula hospitals.

The Transfusion Service department has a dedicated staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any questions concerning testing, specimen requirements, or blood products may be directed to our Transfusion Service department or the Transfusion Service Supervisor.

Section Supervisor: Charles Shimek, MLS(ASCP)cm BBcm
Telephone: 906-449-3230
Fax: 906-449-1911